Fiber Splicing & Hauling

Fibre Splicing

Cablenet Industries prides itself with being one of the only few companies that can deliver a turn key fibre project from the installation of the Fibre to Splicing, Testing & Workbooking. We have a large fleet of splicing vans at its disposal all fitted with the latest splicing & test equipment available. Our fibre splicing technicians are experienced in NBN Ribbon Splicing & Loose Tube Splicing. We provide our quality skilled services to the largest Telco Carriers in Australia: Optus, Telstra.


Fibre Hauling 

Cablenet Industries is experienced in all aspects of Fibre Hauling & Rodding & Ropping. We are accredited in hauling in the Optus & Telstra networks including the Telstra tunnels beneath the city & experience in working on all Rail corridors. Cablenet Industries has fibre winches, cable trailers, compressors & all other hauling equipment required to meet the customers need at its disposal. We can deliver all size projects from 100mt to 60km & more. 


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